Novels by Simon Hardman Lea

First Encounters Of Hope And Fear

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This collection of short stories from the Lost Intensities series features the characters from the other novels.

Here you’ll find a previously unknown episode where Anson Scott and David Alexander come up against a tricky problem in their life in the trenches of the Western Front; you’ll see Beatrice Tempest find an inspiring patient in her first hospital in France and you’ll have your first real encounter with Beau Daurelle, when he is still a taxi driver, before he becomes and ambulance-man, ragtime player and possible spy.

I hope you enjoy seeing familiar faces in different settings!

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Spacer, Line Breaker


The Sins Of Soldiers

Set in World War I, this exciting series begins with a journalist who finds himself at the front of the fighting, reporting for a British newspaper. But does he have a secret agenda?






The Sorrow of Nurses

Novel two in the Lost Intensities series continues the saga that started in “The Sins Of Soldiers”. This novel is set to be released Soon.