Just had a fabulous review on The Sins of Soldiers from Ani at www.thebookbag.co.uk. (http://bit.ly/2lOa9CD) – many thanks to Sue, who runs a site that all real book lovers would be well advised to make use of.

It’s truly exhilarating when someone really likes one of your books and is prepared to put it down on record. And on this occasion Ani’s review came just at the perfect time, as I’ve been going through one of those gloomy phases that all writers go through periodically – at least, I hope it’s true of most fellow writers, or else I’m much less suited to this writing business than I’d thought.

This last week or so, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the challenge of promoting two novels, writing the third and polishing up a fourth (I know that last bit sounds the wrong way round, but I’ll explain it in a future journal entry). Added to that, my day job has been getting very busy, which is also exciting, but doesn’t always leave too much of me to go round. So, one way or another, I’d started to feel a bit sorry for myself, even though that’s hardly justifiable since so much of my work is self-inflicted.

But whatever the reasons for my being off-song, this piece of good news was perfectly timed and has turned my mood around completely. Sometimes I wonder whether we authors are good enough at showing our appreciation to the people who take the time and trouble to review our work.

One way or another, I’m now back on track and writing again. More news to come.